We gather together all the loose ends, help to create a good overview and optimise day-to-day operations for businesses through individually customised and designed control panels. As one of our latest initiatives, we have been responsible for the control and automation of the heat pump systems at Danfoss, where focus has been on recovering the heat that would otherwise be lost.

Customised control panels that acquire data and signals from sensors, pressure, temperature and flow have been developed. The solution was adapted to their needs, the process made more efficient and money was saved.

More can be read about Danfoss’ climate goals here: http://www.danfoss.dk/newsstories/cf/danfoss-vil-halvere-sit-energiforbrug/?ref=17179906934#/

Processes are optimised and CO2 emissions are reduced
We optimise the software on an ongoing basis, thus ensuring that Danfoss is able to achieve the results that are expected with regard to the heat pumps running in the optimum manner. The process commenced with a proposal from a consulting engineering firm which Danfoss had hired as consultant to the building owner. They had developed the specification for the control panels. It was then our job to design, deliver and install the control panels, before documenting, programming and commissioning the system and then optimising the process in consultation with Danfoss.

Over the years we have built up a mutual (and loyal) relationship of trust with Danfoss. We are happy to support undertakings that create good conditions for the environment. When we process the signals that pass in and out (input and output) of the control panels and thereby ensure effective communication with Danfoss’ SCADA system (the control system via which machines and engineers communicate), this helps to restrict CO2 emissions.