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Trimatic delivers the next generation of business-critical automation

When investing in process optimisations, the result should approximate a technological quantum leap.

Trimatic has structured a revolutionary way to perform process simulations and transform complexity into a standardised workflow.

  • Delivered over 2000 dashboards
  • Supplied control boards with 5000+ wires
  • Delivered serial boards in the order of 3-500 pcs. per customer
  • All boards are produced on the basis of the digital twin
  • Trimatic was the first in Denmark to be Eplan certified

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Construction of hardware


Assembly and Delivery

Service & Support

It starts
with a single wire

High production capacity.
Optimal production flow.

Trimatic are experts in consulting, development, programming and the documentation of high-end production and processing plants.

We perform every kind of automation project imaginable, from small, centralised control tasks to major, decentralised “One-of-a-Kind” industrial installations.

Over the years, we have worked our way into one massive complexity of problems after another; in the processing industry, the supply sector, offshore, wind turbines, construction and the food industry.

Trimatic’s most defining characteristic is that we always ask ourselves if there is a better way of solving a problem than the one we found yesterday.

It would not be too far off the mark to say that our ambition is to be a guiding light in intelligent automation.

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