Jesper Breinsborg is a trained electrician specialising in Electrician 2

Friday was a big day at Trimatic Automation. Another “super apprentice”, Jesper Breinsborg, has received his apprentice certificate.
Trimatic trained a top-scoring apprentice just two years ago, and Jesper has followed suit and completed his apprenticeship test with top marks.
The extremely well-executed apprenticeship test resulted in 2 x top marks of 12, and therefore, Jesper received the subject’s official medal. Trimatic celebrated for Jesper with workshop fun, gifts and hot dogs from the local butcher.
“We are delighted when our young people want to educate themselves and become skilled in our profession, and it is especially a joy when it succeeds so well,” says proud CEO Claus Sørensen. “We are proud that Jesper wants to continue his excellent work and development with us and continues to want to be part of the Trimatic team.”